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When these muscles become firmer and stronger, they develop more nerve endings, thus promoting more sensations during sex.

The exercises also improve blood circulation which is essential to promote the sensations during the sexual act and especially during orgasm by stimulating the various regions of the vagina like the clitoris.

They also help prevent very common muscle flaccidity from a certain age, improving the quality of life.

Following the program established by a good course of pompoarismo, you will see significant results in your daily life and, mainly, you will realize that your sexual and loving life will be much more full.

Anyone who visits sex shops or likes to read sex-related topics, may have heard of pompoarismo. The word sounds so interesting when practicing the technique of controlling the contraction and relaxation of the vaginal muscles.

The art of pompoar, as it is called by the professionals who work in sex shop, is quite old and makes possible the increase of sexual pleasure.

In addition to the improvement in sexual performance, Nadja Dulce Agra from the Doce Desire sex shop tells you another benefit of the exercise. “Men love it! In addition, they serve to help control urinary incontinence and also help in the postpartum, “he says.


The pompoarismo is a millenarian technique originating in the East for more than 1500 years, being used in rituals of fertility by the priestesses in sacred temples for the development of feminine sexuality.

This technique aims at strengthening the muscles of the vagina and pelvis, helping to significantly improve various aspects of health, including improving the sexual life of the woman and her partner, as well as assisting in the prevention of dysfunctions such as anorgasmia that Is the absence of orgasms in sexual intercourse, urinary incontinence, vaginismus, and prolapse of the uterus and bladder.

The techniques of pompoarismo improve the corporal consciousness and are the ideal way to increase the pleasure and to increase the feminine self-knowledge on the body.

Check out some movements that can be performed with pompoarismo.

Revirginar: is to contract with so much force the vaginal sphincter, which is the entrance muscle of the vagina, which prevents or hinders the penetration of the penis / vibrator, making it possible to simulate virginity.

Massaging: The penis / vibrator is massaged at weak, medium or strong intensities.


Similar gymnastics was developed in the 1950s by gynecologist Arnold Kegel. In 1952 Kegel “developed” some exercises for women who had urinary incontinence problem. With research he discovered that the pubococcygeus muscle was out of shape and did not function properly. By exercising these muscles, the medical problem was solved and the potential for genital sensations and orgasm was increased. In part because blood flow increases in exercised muscles, and increased blood flow is related to the facility for arousal and orgasm. When you increase the strength of a muscle, you increase your blood supply, the side effect: Increased blood flow to the pelvis implies higher levels of arousal and more intense orgasms.

Sitting in a chair, she would contract the muscles of her vagina as if she pressed something inside her. Count to three and relax. Repeat ten times. Then twitch and relax quickly, as if to imitate the rhythm of a panting breath. Count to ten again. Total: 20 repetitions.

2. Anal contraction


Handcuff: it is to contract with such force the vaginal muscles, preventing the exit of the penis / vibrator.

It is an ancient technique from the East. It originated in India and was perfected in Thailand. The first exercises came with a transformation of the exhaustive Tantric exercises preparatory to the Maithuna (ritual of the sacred sex). This transformation was initially developed by the priestesses of the temples of the Great Mother to be used in fertility rituals. Over time the technique was expanding and becoming popular. In Thailand it is customary to pass on the technique from mother to daughter, just as it is customary for the future spouse to pay a dowry to the parents, and the value depends on the education, musical gifts and sexual abilities of the future wife.

Lying down, flex your legs and raise your hips. Stand only on your shoulders and feet. Contract your butt, count to three, and release. Do ten times. Lie in bed and relax your body for a few moments. Then return to the previous position and contract the anus in three times, without relaxing between one and the other: light, stronger and with all the intensity. Do ten times. Relax and repeat the exercise, only this time you will contract not only the anus, but also the vagina as if you wanted to suck something with it. Ten more times. Total: 30 repetitions.

What is pompoarismo? You may have heard someone talking about pompoarismo, g

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o que é icms


We emphasize on the subject the precedents of the two superior courts, STF and STJ:

– Summaries of the Supreme Federal Court:

– Summary 536. Industrialized products, generally destined for export, and others, with the same destination, whose exemption the law determines, are objectively immune to the Tax on the Circulation of Commodities.

– Summary 572. In the calculation of ICMS due on the exit of goods abroad, freights paid to third parties, insurance and boarding expenses are not included.

– Summary 573. It is not a fact that generates the ICMS the physical output of machines, utensils and implements as lending.

See the site with the full ICMS law.

Now that you know what ICMS is, how about picking up the electricity or internet bill to check how much you pay per year of ICMS to the government! You could buy a lot, could not you?

The Aliquot Differential
Known popularly as DIFAL, it is the difference between the internal and the interstate ICMS rate. Consider that a commodity is cheaper in another state than in the one where you live, because the ICMS there is smaller. DIFAL serves to balance the values ​​between states and equate competitiveness. Under the new rules, taxable or non-taxable final consumer transactions will have the same ICMS rates applicable to interstate operations. That is, internal rates of the state of origin will no longer be used in non-taxpayer end-user transactions, but rather interstate rates, as in any other operation.
What changes in practice?
Imagine that a store in Rio Grande do Sul sells national wines over the Internet to a consumer in Mato Grosso. Now, the tax collection will be split with the state that receives the merchandise. Before, the store in the State of Rio Grande do Sul collected the entire ICMS tax only for Rio Grande do Sul, that is, the state of origin was everywhere with the cake of the collection and what consumed did not collect anything.

By operation: common when the company has operations with final consumers – not taxpayers sporadically. As the tax under the Difal and FCP has already been collected in advance. Even before the merchandise is shipped, if the product is returned, the taxpayer will have a problem to get the refund of the taxes paid until then. And it will be necessary to gather all the documentation that proves the operation in question and to file an administrative proceeding before SEFAZ of that state where the operation took place and, later, the collection of the tax.
By calculation: before the taxpayer opts for this modality, he will have to request the state auxiliary registration before the state in which he wishes to operate.


What is icms

And as always is the consumer who pays the bill. If you look at the bills you pay at your home you will see that the ICMS is a large part of the value of it. Companies usually pass on this cost to the consumer by embedding the value in the prices, after all the government will always charge the share of it.

An interesting fact about ICMS is that it is charged according to how essential a particular product is. Common utility items like food, rice, beans and others have a lower ICMS than superfluous articles with perfumes and cigarettes. This is contradictory if we observe the high rates of ICMS charged in the account of light, fuel and communication services, also essences!


The great advantage is the fact that there is no need for the taxpayer to pay the tax immediately, that is, for each tax invoice issue. In the event of a possible return or cancellation of the sale, the taxpayer could have a credit to be written down in future operations, since the calculation is controlled by an auxiliary state registration of that federal unit in question. But if the taxpayer operates with the 27 units of the federation, he will have to apply for 27 auxiliary state registrations (and the process of obtaining an Auxiliary State Registration in some states may take months).

Generator fact [edit | Edit source-code]
The main generating factor for the incidence of ICMS is the circulation of goods, even if it has started abroad. In addition, ICMS covers costly services of communication services, provision of intercity and interstate transportation services, and customs clearance of goods or goods imported from abroad.

The mere fact that the merchandise leaves or moves from the same commercial establishment does not characterize the generating fact. This is because circulation is, in fact, a legal situation, that is, there must be a transfer of ownership.


– Summary 660. Until EC 33/2001 expires, ICMS is not levied on the importation of goods by a natural or legal person that does not contribute to the tax.

– Summary 661. In the entrance of merchandise imported from abroad, it is legitimate to collect the ICMS on the occasion of the customs clearance.

– Summary 662. It is legitimate the incidence of the ICMS in the commercialization of copies of work


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Como ganhar dinheiro no facebook compartilhando

According to Rômulo Costa, founder of the startup, the business model benefits both parties. Video producers increase the number of hits to content and can win new subscribers. On the other hand, blogs and digital influencers use multimedia resources to add value to the story, and to keep a percentage of the profit generated, which was not possible before.

“There is a lot of difficulty getting the first views of the video, even if you have good content that is essential to stand out among so many others. Those who suffer the most are the youtubers who are starting. The practice of partnering with blogs is already known, but often is not successful due to lack of experience, not finding

Make money on facebook by sharing

How much can I win?

For a user to apply for work, he must be over 18 and at least a thousand friends on the social network. The registered profiles are divided into categories according to precisely the number of contacts you have. Those who have more than a thousand are called Promoters Mirim and those who have more than five thousand, the maximum that Facebook allows, Star Promoters.

PostGanhe is a content publishing site, where you register, publish your texts, photos, videos and links, and then share the content link to all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network you prefer.

So far, nothing much. The “x” of the question comes now because you will be paid by every person who clicks on your link! That is, you will continue to use Facebook normally, the only difference is that before posting to the Facebook site, you will first post on the PostGanhe website to generate the special link, and post this special link instead of the original link!


Once you have registered, log in to your account and look for the address bar indicated by the “shorten a link” message. It is in this bar that you will insert the link that will be shortened and monetized by After you click on shorten and you will have the link that will be available to advertise in the four corners of the internet.

As owners of download blogs can bill high with

Shorten links from interesting posts, funny videos, or even your affiliate links and share them on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The more friends you click on the links, the more money you will earn.

Blog owners of movie, music and game downloads also make lots of money with, since each post has a link that leads to the download page, and each of those links can be shortened via A download blog with a few thousand hits daily has hundreds of thousands of clicks daily on those links, constantly streaming money, so it’s highly recommended that you use this strategy to leverage your earnings.

How can the owner of a downloads blog shorten and monetize all links that depart from your home page?

Ready! Now your blog will automatically generate a lot of money, since every time a visitor downloads it, it will be directed to a page containing an advertisement that will not last more than five seconds.

You will agree that this type of link protector is much less invasive than the ones we are accustomed to dealing with, and that end up causing the visitor to give up downloading.

The post creation screen closely resembles that of Facebook itself, so much that you can choose to publish texts, photos, videos or links.

After posting your post the system will generate a link automatically, which you will use to share with your friends on Facebook and wherever else you want. The more you post the link, the more chances people click, and the more people click on your link, the more you’ll earn! It’s that simple.

How to register and start making money on Facebook
To register, click here to enter the PostGanhe website ( and then click on “sign up and start earning”.

It will open a new screen with three options for you to register: you can register using your Facebook account, Twitter, or by entering your information in the registration form.

But remember, PostGanhe only considers the first click of each person, it is no use asking your friends to click several times, because the system will only count one click per person.


In the beginning, the creation worked exclusively for the VIP Already. “But soon we saw that there was a business opportunity.” So far, everything indicates that this opportunity really exists. Founded on March 15 of this year, PromoterFace already has a list of 200 advertisers and nearly 2,000 active promoters. In addition, the startup stopped acting regionally and expanded throughout Brazil. “We are in 26 states and 310 cities, and we have plans to grow internationally,” says Lima.



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